The Big City Chefs on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills (L-R) Chef Stuart O'Keeffe, Chef Manouschka Guerrier, Chef Jesse Brune, Chef Sasha Perl-Raver, Chef Brian Hill, Chef Brooke Peterson

We’re two whole days away from the big premiere & I am tickled pink! It’s been 5 ridiculous months since I’ve posted on the blog, I apologize, but I have been super busy with shooting season 2 of Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, planning my new interactive cooking class called Plate Dates, working on a photo series for Single Serving, setting up my Opensky store & let’s face it more people were reading my Facebook than my blog so I needed a chance to regroup & get jazzed about something to talk about. My friends back home have pink viewing parties in my honor so every week I send them a cocktail recipe & a shot game. Hmmm what will the shot game be for this season?  Here are the episode descriptions for this season from Food Network:



 Season Two – Episode Descriptions (8 Episodes)

Premieres: Tuesday, October 12th at 9pm ET/PT – SEASON PREMIERE!

“A Side of Lamas”

Sasha and Stuart are in for a wild ride when asked to spice up the unveiling of Lorenzo Lamas’ new motorcycle. A California teen’s circus themed Sweet Seventeen party finds Brian and Brooke working without a net and a Hollywood health nut challenges Jesse and Manouschka to prepare a healthy soul food dinner for his plus-sized family members.

Premieres: Tuesday, October 19th at 9pm ET/PT

“A Very “Brady” Birthday”

Stuart and Brian create food for an art gallery exhibit where the menu must represent and resemble the bizarre 4000-pound sculptures on display. The Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight throws his Top Model wife, Adrianne Curry, an intimate birthday celebration, but secretly wants Sasha and Brooke to create a menu that will expand her limited palate. Jesse gets aboard a rich mogul’s yacht, only to find he is competing against another contender to become the yacht’s own personal chef.

Premieres: Friday, October 26th at 9pm ET/PT

“Séance Sautee”

Brian and Sasha take on the impossible as they attempt to impress sorority girls in Beverly Hills with their food at a graduation feast. A Beverly Hills witch asks Stuart and Manouschka to help with a dinner centered on a séance, using favorite meals of dead celebrities to help raise their spirits. A fashion guru hires Jesse and Brooke to pull out the “full court press” in an attempt to woo NBA Dallas Mavericks star Shawn Marion to be his client.

Premieres: Tuesday, November 2nd at 9pm ET/PT

“Thrilla for Foodzilla”

Stuart and Sasha go through the wringer when one of their most demanding clients, Melissa, (aka Foodzilla), asks them to prepare a “princess party” for her daughter. Jesse and Brian work to “baconize” every entrée in a meal for a national food chain developer and a pair of Dolly Parton-obsessed film makers hire Brooke and Manouschka to create a menu to impress potential investors for a new documentary on the southern belle herself.

Premieres: Tuesday, November 9th at 9pm ET/PT

“Tickled Pink

Manouschka and Sasha are hired by the “Pink Lady” to create a menu to match the hostess’ favorite color. The coach for the LA Galaxy soccer team asks Stuart and Brian to prepare an international themed dinner for a team bonding session. Jesse and Brooke struggle with a menu for a Raw Vegan dinner because they technically can’t “cook” anything.

Premieres: Tuesday, November 16th at 9pm ET/PT

“Who’s the Boss?”

Brian and Sasha cater a gig thrown by none other than Chef Jesse! Jesse co-hosts a dinner party with actress Alison Sweeney, featuring dishes from the new book they co-authored. A Santa Monica jeweler has Stuart and Manouschka amaze her wealthy clients with foods inspired by her precious jewels. DiggityDave, the former co-host of Pimp My Ride gets Brooke to cook for his girlfriend andher friends, but the kitchen gets crowded when Dave’s girlfriend hires another chef for the event.

Premieres: Tuesday, November 23rd at 9pm ET/PT

“Flappers and Knee Slappers”

Brian and Manouschka create a five course “Roaring 20’s” inspired meal for VIP Members of the LA Supper Club. Frat boys at the University of Maryland hire Sasha and Stuart to create a posh Maryland-themed menu for an alumni event, but when this crowd gets together, the chefs realize the menu needs to accommodate keg stands. Jesse and Brooke get asked to “punk” the guests at a comedian’s dinner party by presenting the group with inedible food.

Premieres: Tuesday, November 30th at 9pm ET/PT

“Whole Lotta Loaf”

The daughter of rock legend Meat Loaf hires Jesse and Manouschka to cater his 60th birthday party but the music goes silent when the chefs suggest a menu based around meat loaf. A Beverly Hills housewife throws a party for her newly single friends with food pairings by Stuart and Brooke being the key to love. Sasha and Brian create a menu steeped in Jewish tradition for a socialite meeting her boyfriend’s family.

Chef Jesse & Chef Manouschka turning Old Skool Soul Food to delicious & healthier Neo-Soul Food

Chef Manouschka's Black Eyed Pea, Corn & Coconut Oil Salad in a Tomato Bowl with Chives & Cilantro

NOW…. back to the shot game:

Every time you hear Stuart say “really?”, place his hands on his hips, squint his eyes or makes you think dirty, dirty thoughts about him swimming buck naked in a pool full of Lucky Charms…. take a shot.
Every time Brooke says “fantastic” or looks like she wants to kill a client or makes you INSANELY jealous because she just popped out a baby FOUR MONTHS AGO & looks thinner than you…. take a shot.

Every time Jesse aka the “Propmaster” holds up a prop, hums a impromptu Negro Hymn & Spiritual, really wants to tell the client to go fly a kite but instead nods his head, closes his eyes & simply with a wave of his hand puts a positive spin on it instead but says in his confessional EVERYTHING you were thinking… but only funnier…. take a shot.
Every time Brian says “Yumsters”, “get it in”, “Chesapeake Bay” ANYTHING, “I just gotta do me” or speaks in the third person…. take a shot.

Every time Sasha challenges Stuart, flirts with a client, uses a big fantastic word or hypes up her food…. take a shot! If she makes you wonder why in the hell she’s rocking a flower & a hairnet like someone else I know… take TWO shots! Just sayin’.

Every time you see my double chin, I mention Haiti or being Haitian, bug my eyes out, look like I want to leave or may cut someone or you see ANY of my pink crap take a shot.

Alright, alright all jokes aside you may get alcohol poisoning from all of these directions but what you CAN do is tune in on Tuesday make some of our recipes that is up here on Food Network’s website & enjoy this wonderful cocktail with your friends as you laugh at our expense. I named this drink after my dear friend Desiree Cunningham that throws the swankiest pink viewing party in PCO90210’s honor, LOVE you girls:

Desiree’s Pink Heart Desires:

1 Part Vodka
1 Part Guava Juice
1 Part Soda Water
1 Oz Canton Ginger Liqueur or another brand of ginger liqueur

Place Vodka in a large pitcher. Add guava juice and stir to combine. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Cut limes into quarters & muddle lime, mint & ginger liqueur in a glass (1 lime per person) add vodka, guava juice, ice & soda. Shake in a martini shaker & pour back into glass. Garnish with a slice of guava, ginger or a pink flower & enjoy!




Hi Chef M, welcome back to the blogging world! Congrats on season two of PCoBH and thanks for the head’s up on the new season’s episodes (only eight, huh?)–they all sound great! Can’t wait to check out some of the recipes and the Pink Heart cocktail. Best of luck to you and I’m loving your new logo! :>)
Lynn´s last blog post ..Pray Eat Love &amp The Daniel Fast



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