BYTE THIS: Exclusive Interview With Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Nadia G

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe my very first interview for SSB is with such a culinary BADASS!!! I am so humbled by this & so happy to share her musings with you. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t had the good sense to tune in after you’ve peeped the ads playing on both Food Network & Cooking Channel. Or have never heard of or seen the sheer genius of Nadia Giosia… aka Nadia G the hostess with the mostest & I mean THEE MOSTEST of Cooking Channel & Food Network Canada’s Bitchin’ Kitchen you are most definitely missing out! Nadia G is hands down thee most entertaining, strikingly beautiful, fashionable, ballsy, clever, sassy, fun-NY & creative TV Chef on ANY Network right now & here’s the kicker…. she’s done it ALL herself! Nadia started her wildly popular cooking series as webisodes on the internet & has successfully taken it to television airwaves. This of course was the catalyst for my fascination of her because I myself started on a much smaller scale through the internet.

I met Nadia in Vegas at BlogWorld 10… HA figures that Vegas would be the perfect spot for us two to meet & we struck up a friendship instantly. When she came to LA I took her to dinner at my fave Korean BBQ spot, Road to Seoul. It’s a raucous & rocking place so since it was her first time having KBBQ I couldn’t imagine a better place to take this rockstar Chef.

Intrigued by her story & beauty I asked her a plethora of questions & she was generous enough to answer & even better… offered to be my VERY first exclusive guest interview for Single Serving Bytes… FAB! GIRL POWER BABY!!! We spent hours talking over pounds of meat & massive bottles of Hite Beer & moved on to the Chateau Marmont for coffee & brandy to talk some more. We’re both first Gen Americans so that means NO HANDOUTS! Unless you’re working on furthering your career hours a day with little or no help you’re just not working. She shared amazing stories about her family & her Nonna & honestly after spending an evening with her I know for sure when she cruises to that rockstar kitchen in the sky standing by her grandparents & her father at the pearly gates will be Miss Julia Child herself to greet her beaming with pride.

Now granted, Nadia isn’t your typical Holly Homemaker & she definitely Ain’t Martha but what she is is this brilliant, courageous, generous & hardworking kitchen Goddess bringing her brand of style & impeccable comedic stylings to the masses inspiring a whole new generation away from slacking on the internet back into the kitchen where they belong by introducing herself to them first through the internet when she had them licking their screens with her delicious food & her equally delicious & sassy self to now licking their TV screens…. FIERCE! Meet your new kitchen ICON, Mamma Mia… Ladies & Germs the incomparable Miss Nadia G!

What is your recipe for success?
Never be afraid to dream… and work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years, to make it a reality. (Check out Nadia’s store here)

Who do you trust to loan your shoes to & won’t muck them up?
Nobody. I loan my heart out faster than my shoes :P.

Is it true Canadians don’t lock their doors? Sorry, that’s stuck with me since Bowling For Columbine.
I guess it depends where you live in Canada . If you’re from a small farm town then you probably don’t have to lock your doors. But if you’re in a big city, definitely lock your doors — otherwise someone may walk in, apologize, and politely ask to borrow some maple syrup. Or bludgeon you. Either way.

About how old were you when you figured out you could cook?
Around 12-13 years old. I’ll share an except from my cookbook about this, feel free to use what you want :)
The Hand that Rocks the Ladle Is the Hand that Rules the World
“When I was growing up I was always jealous of my mom’s prowess in the kitchen: the way she’d be able to whack me with a slipper as she answered the phone, all the while pouring a steady stream of salt into the pasta water, just feeling the perfect amount. It was witchcraft! She never had a measuring cup. I never saw her meticulously quantify 1/8 of a teaspoon of anything. Ever. Around the house there were no written recipes, nor at my Nonna’s, or at her Nonna’s. If you were to ask my mother how much salt goes into a quart of water, she’d tell you, annoyed: “*Ma, what do I know?! You look, you feel, you taste.” And that was that. You look, you feel, you taste.

I was so aggravated by this as a teen that I rebelled against the Casalinga style of Italian cooking, snatching up any recipe that had irrefutable amounts, bullet points… friggin’ diagrams! And with this arsenal of tangible instructions in hand, I set out to vengefully make the biggest, best meal anyone had ever tasted… Oh, and if someone were to ask me how much salt I used, I’d cordially reply: “Why: 1.78 teaspoons, Madame!” But no one ever asked, because all those meals sucked. They sucked hard, and sucked for years. They never came together. Maybe I was following the wrong recipes, or maybe it takes more than a set of measuring spoons to make a good meal. Maybe it is witchcraft.

. . . Or knowing your ingredients. And how do you get to know your ingredients? Well, you look, you feel, you taste. By trial and error, you realize that a whole head of garlic for 1 cup of tomato puree is a bit much. You make a mental note. And as you sit there, defiantly shkoffing a plate of nasty pasta, hoping that the next forkful will miraculously reveal itself as delicious, getting progressively more full, and progressively more aware of how much fucking garlic is in this godforsaken sauce, you learn. It haunts you, from the mess in the kitchen to the hole in your wallet to the indigestion. Some of us give up at this point, figure they’ll never learn to cook and order out for the rest of their days.

But some of us don’t. Some of us rise up to the challenge because food is too important. It was the first thing that ever gave you comfort, before sex, drugs or rock and roll. Because the pleasure you get from eating or watching someone succumb to your culinary genius is too primal, too satisfying, too powerful to ever not hold in the crook of your wooden spoon.
It’s witchcraft baby.”

What do you think about ketchup on pasta?
Oh man, I’m Italian, that’s sacrilege. (hmm guess I shouldn’t tell Nadia I LOVE ketchup on my pasta aka Haitian pasta… shhh!)

How do you view your place in a Man’s world & do they need to cover their nads?
Correction — it was a man’s world.

How do you think you were able to move Bitchin’ Kitchen directly from the web to TV UNTOUCHED, keeping your vision’s integrity?
The beauty of the web is that you can work up a great proof of concept. I think over the years we built up credibility from a production standpoint, a significant fan base, solid branding… Bitchin’ Kitchen became it’s own entity, so it was easy for network execs to envision the transition to TV, and figure: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

How much of Bitchin’ Kitchen do you yourself write?
All of it. The best way to star in a series is to write yourself in as one ;).

What’s next for Nadia G to conquer?
Music. I’m working on an album these days, always loved rock n’ roll. There’s nothing like being on stage, belting it out. (Except maybe being on stage, belting it out, with a prosciutto sandwich.)

What would you tell the haters that tried to take you off your grind from back in the day? I know you had some… you’re stun-NING!
Revenge is a dish best served cold, on national television.

About how many hours do you approximate you spend on building your empire a day?
I used to spend about 12-15 hrs, now I do a good 6-8… But as the old saying goes: “When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. …Sometimes.” Hehe.

Ok here are some quickies…. sometimes that’s all we need: ( Her answers are in Bold. )
Thongs or boyshorts?
Pink or Red?
Day or night?
Whiskey or Tequila?
Rollins or Ramones?
Books or Movies?
Oprah or Martha? Both. Empire-building women rock.
Snow or Sunshine?
Coffee or Tea?
Gas or electric?
Bacon or Turkey Bacon?
Fettuccine or Angel Hair?
Boy Toys or Men?
Diet or workout?
Have I asked too many damn questions or was this JUST right?

Catch Nadia on the Cooking Channel Weds. Nights at 10:30 EST, 7:30 PST if you have satellite

AND peep her Facebook & Twitter to join the conversation with other Bitchin’ Kitchen fans! Ciao Bella!

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Great Interview! Nads and her Bitchin Kitchen rock; great entertainment, great recipes, great attitude!

Oh and hell yeah.. even Rollins will tell you the Ramones saved rock and Roll 😛

HA good call Max & you’re right but I was introduced to the Ramones through Black Flag first. I always give props when props are due. In a couple weeks they’re showing the episode where I cater for Meatloaf’s birthday & frickin’ SCOTT IAN was sitting at the head of the table I almost passed OUT! Once again I was introduced to Anthrax before Meatloaf so it’s ALL good in the hood. Thanks for stopping by… I LOVE NADS!

Perfect interview. I loved the questions. Not the typical Q&A.
LexiB´s last blog post ..I Rocked the Vote Today…Did You

Thanks Lexi, I had a superb subject & she inspired the hell out of me I knew she would inspire many others x

Nadia how will u like to cook with a redneck from shiner, Tx



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