BYTE ME: 7 SINgle Servings

7 SINgle Servings is about a single character set in 7 sinful scenes with food. I’ve been wanting to shoot the milk & cookies scene for about 2 years now but it wasn’t until I heard my friend Matty P’s remake of the Rick James classic Super Freak I got the idea to shoot a series & have the pictures up as a video to go with the song. I wanted to show the many sides a single woman possesses & thought of the 3 first letters in single is s.i.n. Sex & food are often vilified & labeled sinful, so naturally the 7 Deadly Sins had to be our story teller.

Once again the brilliant Shannon Pope (& my bestie & Single Serving’s design MAESTRO) agreed to come on board & as usual we worked our dream team magic. I hope you enjoyed the song by The New Affect, the pictures by Leyna J Weber, Diana Zollicoffer & Zak Zwerin, the sheer graphic & designing genius of Shannon Pope & me having fun cooking, putting on my makeup & playing dress up with some of my favourite wardrobe pieces to play 7 aspects of my single self.

Here’s a super cool tidbit, the camera Diana used to shoot with was a Nikon we borrowed from Chef Stuart. Diana just started shooting so I’m so stoked by what a lovely job she did & I’m proud to say I hit up over 60 of our mutual friends on Facebook to chip in to get her her own camera & now she’s the proud Mama of a Canon Rebel AND a 5.5 qt Kiwi Le Creuset  french oven since we had such an overwhelming response in contributions. THANKS GUYS! *click on the pics to see in full detail the wonderful shots & look for the Single Serving  SS heart logo that has been hidden in each pic, HA a veritable Where’s Waldo?*

"The Social Media Butterfly" Photo by Zak Zwerin


My inspiration for this shot was how busy I get sometimes because of my need to succeed. I don’t have a publicist so I spend A LOT of time using social media & the Internet just to get my name & brand out there & to secure more catering gigs. I also spend most of my time researching ingredients & recipes hence the cookbooks & laptop & I wanted to show the downside of constant self promotion is that it leaves very little time for the “Social Media Butterfly” to actually cook for herself sometimes & a lot of career minded single girls can relate to that… ironic, huh? In-N-Out makes the bombest burgers ever & have been around as long as one of my favourite spots in the world Union Station. I wrote a great post about this magical place earlier. It’s somewhere I always imagined myself getting married & wouldn’t you know on the day we shot this 4 brides were taking their wedding photos & there’s my single ass surrounded by books & a Double Double…. awesome sauce! The shoes are Christian Louboutin Pigalles. The Havana toe stockings & chiffon gloves are by Leg Avenue. The pencil skirt is by Alvin Valley. The watch is Izod. The pearls, hat, blouse, slip, mink stole & patent leather train hat box are all of my vintage finds in & around LA.

"The Over-Acheiver" Photo by Diana Zollicoffer


Envy seemed to happen completely on it’s own. I thought of so many ways to portray that but the food wasn’t coming across as the star & I didn’t want to convey such a mean spirited emotion with the food being overshadowed by it especially when food is my biggest joy. We shot a scene at the Farmer’s Market but it was this shot at a friend’s home that just made sense. The home is decorated in this really cool Mad Men-esque way & I wanted a shot of myself watching TV & envying what I was watching, wondering when will I have my vision  of Single Serving on TV while I eat alone watching others live their dream. While I was cooking the pasta it dawned on me that my friend had Thomas Keller’s “Ad Hoc” cookbook on her coffee table so I set it beside me, because if there’s any Chef to envy he’s most definitely the one… FIERCE! Once Shannon came over & added the graphics it dawned on the both of us that the couch is green & we should make the space & the lighting from the TV to be green highlighting the character is green with envy. LOVE that the shot just created itself. The wrap dress is Diane Von Furstenberg which I bought second hand for $22 at Crossroads. The natural pearl earrings I bought in Kaui. The necklace & bracelet are my vintage finds & the lipstick is Fiery Long Last Lip Color by Stila. The table which was originally white is from CB2.

"The Realist" Photo By Diana Zollicoffer


Sloth also came up on it’s own. I originally wanted to shoot it as a desperate housewife type of character rushing to make the perfect meal for her lover & making a mess, I nixed it after thinking how much I would have to clean up after… I LOATHE cleaning, HA! Since we were shooting Envy at a friend’s she had a pool why not shoot there. I thought of how sloppily I LOVE to eat ribs but to make it sexy I asked Shannon’s boyfriend to slap on a speedo for me & let’s do this damn thing, whatever I just wanted to see him wearing NOTHING the Man is a work of art… look at those calves! They don’t make men like that anymore, you have to go to a museum to see that kind of body… sorry, rambling…. damn! The morning of the shoot I made the ribs & the house smelled FANTASTIC! The swim cap is a Halloween costume my Bestie Jen made gluing flowers on a speedo cap & painting them gold . The bracelets are what my Grandmother left me. The shoes are Gold Deco Wedges by Jimmy Choo. The TV table is by CB2. The top was a vintage find I got for $3 the hoop earrings another vintage find for fitty cents. The suit was actually a vintage bustier I was wearing but I thought it didn’t look like a suit & I found the Norma Kamali suit I wanted through a Google Images search & VOILA! Shannon smacked that baby on me…. bloody fantastic, Huh? Here’s the suit

"The It Girl" Photo by Diana Zollicoffer


Gluttony came about when I put together this outfit from my closet for an upcoming episode of Private Chefs when Brian & I catered a 1920’s themed dinner party. I didn’t get to wear it but I KNEW I needed an excuse to shoot something in it. My inspiration was the “It Girl” a term that came to fruition in that era. This is the girl that seems to have it all & parties all the time. The truth is there are two sides to this party girl, while she celebrates all that she has she mourns all the things she may never have. The repercussions of her choices & the sacrifices she had to make to fulfill a dream sometimes catches up to her. I wanted to shoot at the LACMA lamp posts a VERY popular spot that people shoot their engagement photos so like Greed there’s this underlying theme about choices & I wanted the composition of the light & darkness given by the lamp posts & the sequins in the dress to reflect the composition of the light & the darkness of this character & her reality at the same time. She’s human, fallible & fabulous. This one is still my favourite of the series, it’s the most honest & the caption I wrote for the image in the video is also my fave. “I drink when I’m happy, I drink when I’m sad. I drink for all that I’ve ever gotten & I drink for all the things I’ll never have”.

"The It Girl" Photo by Diana Zollicoffer

The dress is a sequins & chain stringed flapper dress by Guess. The pearls are by Rafinity Jewelers which I received as a gift from the designer Ann Mangini when I catered her Jewelry event & she LOVED my Hamachi Ceviche stuffed Lychees that looked like a pearl so much this was my present, ridonkulous huh? The shoes are Christian Louboutin. The wrap & gloves are my vintage finds. The lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo. The eyeshadow is Chanel Smoky Eyes Quad color.  MAC eyeliners in silver & smolder &  The cheekbones I highlighted with Moon Beam by Benefit. The hair piece I ripped off of an old headband. The wine is Miner Family Vineyards. The tequila is Rose Asombroso.

"The Temptress" Photo by Diana Zollicoffer


This is the photo that started it all for years I wanted to have myself  shot in a bath tub full of milk with a plate of cookies. I used a box of powdered milk to fill up my roomie’s tub. The cookies I made are Caramel & Chocolate chip. The jewelry is Tiffany’s another Google image gank… HA! The lipstick is Chanel Rouge Coco the color is called Gabrielle & the eyeshadow is Chanel Enigma. The shower cap is Bathina by Benefit. The calla lilies were a birthday gift to me from the Art Dept. of my show, Trent even made sure to use all of my favourite colors for the jewel stones when he arranged it. I swear those flowers lived for 3 weeks & 6 days… it was awesome! I MISS those guys. Our Art Dept ROCKS! x

"The Femme Fetale" Photo by Leyna J Weber


Here she is the ball buster… hahaha burning hot dogs & tempting dogs! Leyna & I had a blast shooting this we shot it SO many different ways we busted open some beers & just had party with it! I think I’m going to post more pics from this shoot there are so many rad ones but when her Beagle baby Max couldn’t get enough wagging his little tail begging for a hot dog we HAD to use this shot. My inspiration for this was well the ball busting element we Women have & Anger was the perfect emotion to convey that. The plaid pearl snap shirt is by Roar I got it at Marshalls. The shorts are Calvin Klein & the shoes are Dollhouse I scored them both at Ross (LOVE that place). The Hello Kitty earrings were a gift to me from my girl EDB. Eyeshadow is Enigma by Chanel. Lipstick is a blend of Fiery Color Stay Lip Gloss by Stila on top & Cover Girl Lip Stain #450 underneath.

"The Quintessential Single Girl" Photo by Diana Zollicoffer


Does this girl need ANY introduction? HA! She pretty much sums me up. I’d rather spend my money & time on shoes than on a couch in therapy or couples counseling right now HA! Man I wish Jimmy McMillan won I’d jump on the first plane to NYC to marry these velvet Red Loubous. Now I shot this wearing black & white lingerie with a black & white cake with a black & white shoe ornament throwing off the bride & groom cake topper on a black & white cake pedestal that matched my lingerie PERFECTLY! Shannon, my Gay wasn’t feeling it & totally redesigned the WHOLE shot! He DIGITALLY designed my wedding dress, HOW RAD IS THAT?!?! Swapped out the cake with a traditional wedding cake & slapped the shoe on top. I LOVE this man! The pearl veil I bought at Michael’s.The shoes are Christian Louboutin. The pearl bracelets are from Forever 21. The rubies & tiara Shannon designed. The makeup is exactly the same as Lust except I swapped out the lips with Stila’s Fiery. The lace gloves I bought at Beverly Hills Hosiery in Downtown.

If you want to watch the whole video WITH the rad music check this out:


I love this whole project. It’s brilliant!

Thanks Leyna you’ve been such an inspiration thanks so much for being a part of this ♥



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