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So yesterday was about to be a craptastic day, I won’t go into details now but don’t fret you KNOW I have NO filter so I’ll be ranting about it soon. Driving back on the I-5 I saw the Le Creuset just calling me over to brighten my day. I promised myself I wasn’t going to by anything I just needed a whiff!

Only I would say OUT LOUD I need a whiff of cast iron every now & then to put a pep in my step… terrible, HA!

Well… of course I bought something… ok 5 things, but I spent like 27 bones, so it’s ok. I was showing the Manager a pic of my new dog, Louboutin chilling in my 15 1/2 qt pot Elvis & impressed by the size of Elvis he inquired where did I get it? I told him being a MASSIVE LC fan I was asked to write an essay for their 85th anniversary. He remembered my essay & asked me if I would like to come & do a demo this weekend for Valentine’s Day… after a brief chat today we decided next week is better.

My Loubie Lou & the KING of my kitchen Elvis

Here’s my essay Le Creuset was GENEROUS enough to put on their front page for their True Memories contest I can’t tell you enough, ESPECIALLY after you read this what a FULL circle moment this is for me. I’m getting a chance to inspire others at the place that first inspired me… awesome sauce!

I’m OVER the moon! I’ve been dying to do a demo there for 3 years!!! SO excited. So, if you have some free time next Saturday February 19th at 2:30 pm swing by Le Creuset at The Citadel & let’s have a BLAST together!!!:

My TRUE Memory

July 15, 2010 in Kitchen Talk by manouschka-guerrier

I’ll NEVER forget the exact moment I fell in love with Le Creuset. I was watching an episode of the Cosby Show & in the kitchen were these beautiful red pots on the stove & “Dr. Huxtable” was making what I assumed to be an incredible dinner for his family. Proud of what he created he was pretending to play the pots like they were instruments, rubbing the knobs & shimmying. This was like some 20+ years ago… waaaaaaay before DVR & Tivo but I swear my brain just paused on those fantastic shiny red pots, they looked like mini red corvettes to me. I also was aware of the level of pride he had in his face to open every lid & that image resonated with me forever. Pretty much every episode of that show had a scene in the kitchen & every Thursday I tuned in fixated on those red pots, that was my must see TV. I had to see which family member would open the lid, stick a wooden spoon it, take a taste & roll their eyes back in ecstasy.

Now on to my LC journey. I first learned how to cook from my Grandmother Olga & she cooked in the same janky pots she had when she arrived into this country from Haiti some 40 years ago. She was an unbelievable cook, an accredited Chef actually, but her pots were a hot mess, poor thing she came to this Country alone with 6 kids. Dropping serious dough on a pot wasn’t on her radar but getting food on the table everyday was. I would watch her create all these magical dishes, but all the while I imagined them being served in those stunning red pots. As soon as I was old enough & started to take my cooking to the next level I invested into my first cocotte. A incredibly sexy & sassy come to Mama red 8 qt oval piece I had been obsessing over for what it felt like an eternity. Because of this I named her Marilyn Monroe. I remember calling my Mom when I got it & crying. She thought I was nuts… HA!

It was like a rite of passage for me, to invest in & get what I thought would be my only piece. Obsessed for all those years about how it looked I have to admit I really wasn’t prepared for how much of a difference it would make in how I cooked, how my food tasted & how it made my guests feel when I presented my dishes in it…. *swoooooooooooooooon* & neither was my Mother when she came to visit me in LA one Thanksgiving & had the honor to cook in Marilyn as well. She was astounded. She was like “that is thee best rice I have ever made”. By Christmas I got her her first set in Cobalt, although she wanted it in Black & at the time that color wasn’t around hahahaha (does anyone ever please their Mother? HA!) She still loves it to death & is extremely grateful but she only cooks with it on special occasions. She even brought it with her from Miami to Atlanta to cook for my birthday. She’s so Haitian, I love her. She still doesn’t believe it will be as gorgeous for many years to come.

Cut to today. Now I’m the proud Mama of 90+ LC products in all sorts of colors (Pink, Lavender, Powder Blue & Cassis are the bee’s knees to me) which after naming my first Marilyn I continued the tradition to name them all after the greatest film & fashion stars from Hollywood’s golden era. In awe of LC’s reputation to last a lifetime I invested in many vintage pieces also, including a lavender 52 year old Coquelle I named Coco Chanel designed by the Godfather of industrial design, Raymond Loewy & a 40 something year old Dijon doufeu named Josephine Baker. HA! Look who’s shimmying around the kitchen now? Armed with some of my family’s best recipes cooking up a storm with great pride & confidence & creating fantastic recipes of my very own with Le Creuset I am having a BLAST!

I can’t say I have a favourite I love all my pieces dearly, it’s like having more than one child, how dare you pick a fave but right now the the mini cocottes hold a special place in my heart. Now I might not have my own Huxtable clan (yet) these are perfect for a single girl like me & whether I am cooking a single serving for myself or presenting these perfectly packaged singular goodies to any number of my guests at a dinner party, the giddiness & eye rolling ecstasy I remember as a child watching on TV is a nightly occurrence in my home, they’re just perfect & super affordable.

Sometimes I wonder, wow… could it be possible for my Grandmother’s food to taste any better had she had her own LC cocotte? Guess we’ll never know, she passed on 3 years ago, but it is hard to imagine. What I do know for sure is while I may not have any jewelry or own stocks & bonds, my cocottes are my most prized possessions. To this day it is my longest & truest love affair that will last me the rest of my life & they will be the legacy I’ll leave to my grandchildren so they can have true memories of Le Creuset of their own one day. HAPPY 85th birthday dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-LING you don’t look a day older than 25. FABULOUS! xoxo

-Manouschka Guerrier


My TRUE Memory


  1. This was a very interesting and entertaining anecdote of a woman and her passion for cooking and the tools to perform the task. I think people sometimes misinterpret what a true legacy can consist of and you have nailed it right on the head! Congrats M!

  2. Looks luscious!

  3. beautiful

  4. I bought my first piece at a discount store for $113.00 round dutch oven in a mustard color. I must admit it is a GREAT POT! I wish I had more. It has been worht every penny.

  5. I have the exact pot in the picture (same orange color). It was my nana’s pot, passed down to my mother, then passed down to me. Every time I make her spaghetti sauce or brown meatballs in it, I think of her. I have two daughters who already show my family’s love of cooking – I’m just not sure which one I should pass the pot along to. It would be wonderful to have two – so each of them could have one!!

  6. LS said: On July 22, 2010

    Twice I bought LC casserole dishes and they cracked on their own after regular use in the oven. I know a lot of people love them. But they were expensive and I assumed this would be covered by some sort of a warranty, but it wasn’t. So dealing with this company has been a big disappointment. I can still use the dishes but only for dry foods. And even then I worry that it will crack further and ruin the dish or potentially cause a more serious accident.

  7. I remember as a small child watching my mom cook with those wonderful orange pots. I remember they were so heavy. How I wish she still had that set after 20+ years.

  8. I love my beautiful ReD Le Creuset. My husband for his wonderful chili. No scorching like every other pot. We always make it to the brim. This pot rarely sees the cupboard. It’s also the best pot for pot roast, my special recipe Tortilla Soup, Julias Boeuf Bourguignon, Marcella Hazans Bolognese, and Chicken & Dumplings. My international everything pot.

  9. I bought my first saucepan at a garage sale in Talkeetna, Alaska about 20 years ago after a camping trip. I had no idea what kind it was, I just fell in love with the beautiful orange color and its wooden knob. I cooked everything in it for a few years. I was finally educated by a friend that it was a Le Creuset. I started buying everything … See Morefrom Le Creuset. And although I do have everything from Le Creuset, its that first saucepan that I bought in that garage sale that I still use daily and it still looks and cooks wonderfully.

  10. Dear Reader,

    My mother-in-law use to buy me a new piece each Christmas from the outlet in Yamasee, South Carolina. I prefer the pale blue line.

    My favorite piece is my 1.5 quart terrine. After practicing one pate’ after another, with moderate success, I made a duck and pastacio terrine that we served as an appetizer accompianed with: homemade …

  11. gj said: On July 22, 2010

    I keep my red 6 3/4 round Dutch oven on my stove stop right smack in the center large burner. I just love to watch poeple walk into my kitchen and lift the lid. It’s alway’s a surprise! Sometimes there is food others not. I never walk into peoples homes straight to kitchen, but at our home for some reason poeple do! I love the joy my Le Creuset gives friends and family!

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I am so enamored w/ your love of cooking!!
And, I’m okay w/ not really knowing how to cook. That’s why I have you, right?!!
Fantastico, baby!!
I’ll be sure to make it to your demo!!


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