BYTE THIS: The Weight of the World

To Gain > to Lose, right? Today we reached the 3 month mark since I started my friend & former PCO90210 costar Jesse Brune’s TRANSFORMATIONAL workout program, J-Tribe. When Jesse told me about it I was stoked… then he was like it’s a 3 month commitment… I rolled my eyes but was like cool… I can do this, my commitment phobic ass can use a commitment or two. He emailed me the 411, I glanced over quickly figuring we just had a convo about it. Hung up the phone then a couple days later he called me to remind me of my commitment & my start time for our first run… 6 frickin’ 20 AM!!! By this point there was no backing out, I already gave my word… CRAP, I NEVER read the important parts, DOH!

My goal weight: trying to recapture my bikini bod 30 lbs ago... YEAH RIGHT! Photo Courtesy of: Stuff Magazine

The first week was INSANE I lost almost 9 lbs, by the third week I was down almost 14 lbs I was like for SURE I’m losing 30 lbs by July!!! Also in the third week we took a hike up Runyon Canyon, I lived 1/2 a block away at the time & was stoked that I could literally roll out of bed… work out & roll my tired behind back to bed. In our hike sessions we would use resistance bands & pull one another up the hill. This workout, next to spin class was my favourite… Bootcamp days made me want to chuck myself out the window & yoga’s just not really my thing, so in my mind this workout was going to be thee BEST day ever. As we turned to the left of the canyon he points up to K2… I almost had a panic attack & immediately water started to well up in my eyes. There are several ways to go up Runyon & K2 is thee TOUGHEST! 12 years ago I had a pill popping, anorexic, exercise bulimic Actress girlfriend of mine invite me to hike Runyon, I had never been. She showed up with 2 sweaters on, two scarves, knee socks, a big ass trucker hat & a sh*t kicking grin…. it was 3 pm & the sun was BLAZ-ING… I should’ve known this would not end well for me!

My first time hiking ev-ER she takes me up K2… first thing I see is a yellow caution sign that read “Caution Rattlesnakes”…. she keeps walking up as if the sign said pot of gold at the top. See THIS is why Black people never get attacked by animals! I asked her “WTH?!?!” she just kept saying “c’mon Manousch…. let’s go Manousch”. 1/4 of the way the sun is getting hotter & the hike is getting deeper. I’m panting & on all fours & she’s just marching up the hill waving her arms up & down chanting again “c’mon Manousch…. let’s go Manousch” she kept saying this over & over. I wanted to KILL her, figured I was already in hell because it was so flippin’ hot & she looked like Beelzebub himself! When I finally got off that frickin’ hill I SWORE I would NEVER… EVER go up K2 EVER again. It took me 6 years before I would even step foot on Runyon Canyon! Looking at that side of the hill I would shiver… 12 years later I’ve got Jesse asking me to go back up… FML!

He tells me fine I can go the easy way & points to the other side where I can start from the stairs…. do you know how frickin’ steep those stairs are?!?!? Apparently there’s no way I’m getting around this. I’m looking at the rest of my group they have no problem marching up passed the rattlesnake signs… again the only Black girl (I’m not counting Shameeka… she’s super light skinned & yoked… she can drop ANYBODY) I KNOW I can’t climb up the steps I figured maybe it isn’t so bad anymore let me just stick with my group…. he-YELL to the naw that puppy was still a sonuvabitch to climb! I complained thee ENTIRE time… there where holes EVERYWHERE… I figured there were rattlesnakes burrowed in them hiding ready to bite a piece of chocolate & the trail was super steep & my dumb behind spends my cash on shoes instead of health insurance & I’m like I’m going to break my neck. I thought I was dying. Halfway up Rudy who had lost over 80 lbs let’s me wrap my resistance band around him & he pulls me up all the way to the top. The whole group went NUTS! When he started he couldn’t even run a few months later he’s dragging some loud Black Diva up a hill. It was AMAZING! I don’t think I would’ve gotten through it without him.

Then the fourth week came, I’m super stoked I lasted this long I step on the scale & I gained 4 flippin’ lbs!!!! I called Jesse in a panic. I was eating 5 times a day, cut sugar & booze & I was working out 5 days a week… even would workout twice a day somedays by hiking up Runyon Canyon…. slow your roll, the easy way, HA! Jesse didn’t ask what I was doing wrong or say things just to make me feel better. He just asked me to bring my scale on Saturday during our personal training session. I was just thinking he was going to check if it was working properly. SO I show up 9 am on a Sat hand him over my scale & he just puts it in his bag & he says “your clothes fit differently?” I said yes. He said are people noticing you are much smaller?” I answered yes… again. He asked if I felt better… with my head down I answered yes. He said don’t pay attention to the scale & encouraged me to keep going. If he weren’t so damn sexy I would’ve slapped the snot outta him but no I just melted & said ok.

By the second month I twisted my ankle, fearing that this was going to annihilate my weight loss goal I prayed, chanted & kept my perspective positive by not even acknowledging the injury until I felt better. That was another thing I liked about working out with Jesse’s program. We had inspirational workouts. Whether it was a Zen Spin & he would light candles & Rev Jennifer Hadley would speak between levels, or the music he picked, the powerful Kundalini Yoga sessions or just Jesse being this motivational, spirtual trainer at each session. Keeping my mind & spirit healthy was just as important as keeping my body healthy, if not more. Sure enough a week after my fall I was back in the gym. It was also the same month I moved to my new house. My roomie had a scale in the bathroom & I cheated & got on… I had only lost 2 lbs since the last time I stepped on the scale. I called Jesse in a panic again this time it was tough love Jesse that spoke to me & that’s the day I decided to STOP focusing on how much I’ve lost but what I have gained.

Seems like everything in life is better when you gain except for weight, funny huh? Going into my third month I recognized & showed gratitude to gaining all these wonderful new friends. Being a single girl who’s running her own business I spend A LOT of time in front of a computer. I can go days without seeing another face or hearing a voice. In this capacity I gained 14 beautiful souls to start my day with every single day. I gained a new found respect for being up at the crack of dawn & got to accomplish so much more by 9 am. I used to sleep til 10 & sleeping in could knock me out til noon… now sleeping in is up by 8 including weekends.

I gained support from & for people that inspired me on a daily basis & every time I would check in on Facebook that I was at the gym, I would get HEAPS of mail & comments from friends who would say if I could do it, they could do it too… I gained the ability to inspire others with my commitment to my health. Also, I gained a better way to communicate & a better perspective on all aspects of life. I also gained when things came up that would’ve literally months before keep me on the couch wallowing & force me to quit to just be with that feeling, acknowledge that is all that is, it’s just a feeling… be with it & let it pass because I had work to do. I gained a better respect for what I was putting into my body. See I hate to admit this but I have to because it no longer has a hold on me & the truth shall set you free, right?

I would get so busy working on all my Single Serving stuff & 4 years ago when I lost my job I didn’t have much time nor money to eat properly & depended largely on the dollar menu at  Mc Dooks. Once I started working again & things picked up I didn’t stop hitting the drive thru, I was now addicted to it… terrible! Food is my life & my passion & here I was addicted to fast food, now I smell it & I want to hurl…. just losing that alone was worth never losing another pound & it’s something I rationalized & never attributed it to my weight gain I just would tell myself & others I gained 30 lbs when I quit smoking.

I gained ALL of my jeans back… now literally I put on a pair of Earl jeans 3 weeks ago & they just slid on… EARL JEANS, do you know how LONG it’s been since I wore them?!?! The skinny jean wearing hipster snots are reading this going “what are Earl jeans?!?!?” SHUT UP I’m OLD! HA! I gained a great reason to wake up every morning & gained responsibility for my life & my health & lost my propensity to make an excuse for everything! I gained respect for commitment (crazy,huh?!!?!?) AND don’t get it twisted I am in no way looking for a man, I’m saving myself for James Franco & Ryan Gosling… HA! I gained respect for change, respect for Jesse who has worked tirelessly to be the change he wants to see in the world & 14 people that I LOVED to see first thing in the morning transform their lives & bodies right before my eyes EVERYDAY!

Yeah I may have lost only half the weight short of my weight loss goal but what I gained was immeasurable & for that I am eternally grateful! I feel like thee biggest WINNER, I no longer carry the weight of the world. Thank you Jesse for changing my body, my mind & my life! Lastly, thank you Rudy, Mike, Laura, Paul, Sierra, Justine, Meeka, Bethany, Larry, Fernanda, Jason, Eric & Jamie for inspiring me, for making me laugh first thing EVERY morning, for encouraging me & for being some sweet ass eye candy x

If you are in the Los Angeles area & you got this far & are inspired to live an extraordinary & healthy life that you LOVE . Come join Jesse this Monday & take advantage of this two week special. Starting MONDAY, Aug 1: J-Tribe 2 week INTENSIVE!!! 630-730AM M-F – 6 BootCamps, 2 Cycle Classes, 1 Active Hike, 1 Personal Training Session, and 1 Nutrition Call-In – ALL YOURS FOR $100.00. Call 818 538 9844 TODAY!!! Check out for more 411.


Congratulations!!! Wish I lived in LA .. sounds like a great program!!
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This is awesome! I’ve been so impressed very morning when I rolled out of bed to look at my phone only to see that you were already in the gym! Thanks for sharing your story, the good and the bad.I’m going on the first hike of my life tomorrow morning. I’ll think of you and channel your strength. LOL


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