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SOUND BYTE: Between My Headphones I crave a Chocolate Jesus

Tweet It’s Tom Waits… “the last great story teller”… a poet who wreaks of whiskey & cigarettes, walks & struts behind his Johnson, because it takes a MASSIVE pair to lead the way of the path he paved & has more talent in his left pinky toe than you can ever even imagine having for […]

SOUND BYTE: Worth Repeating Dolly Parton

Tweet I ADORE Dolly Parton, I have since I was a kid. I have admired her willingness to dream, strength, wit, beauty, backwoods brilliance & ability underneath it all to be one of the the greatest artists of ALL time, she’s the “Iron Butterfly”. Funny when I listen to Stevie Wonder I feel like he’s […]

SOUND BYTE: Between My Headphones “Super Freak” by TNA

Tweet The New Affect (TNA) I’ve had it on repeat for a straight month now & had to shoot something to go along with it! 7 Single Servings is about a single character set in 7 sinful scenes with food. I’ve been wanting to shoot the milk & cookies scene for about 2 years now […]

Between My Headphones: Pour some Rock Sugar On ME!

Tweet So if by chance you caught Friday’s episode &  didn’t get a taste of the Sugar or underestimated the legitimacy of how EPIC these cats are, I felt it was necessary to give you a piece. These guys are so SICK! I loved working for them & with Chef Brooke & here’s a super cool bet’cha didn’t […]

Between My Headphones: When I am wrong… I’m WRONG!

Tweet Yup & I ALWAYS admit it when I am & this is thee biggest pill I’ve had to swallow yet…. in 2010. Many times, even on here I’ve expressed my dislike for Lady GaGa aka GagGag, but unexpectedly the hook & sick beat for “Bad Romance” got me & the video made me wet […]

STOKED!: I Have A Song!!!

Tweet I know I’ve been MIA, but until 7 am PST on 3/10/10 I can’t explain why, trust you’re going to be just as stoked as I am… but I had to come on here prior just to share thee most AMAZING gift I have ev-ER received… actually I’m lying it’s a super tie with […]

SOUND BYTE: Worth Repeating I Want To Live In My Dreams

Tweet Oh yeah time just stops when I listen to this. It’s so simple, sexy, hopeful & so beautiful. Dreamworld by Robin Thicke… enjoy! RIP in Shaniya. (The embedding to Robin’s video on youtube is disabled so here’s a video clip that I made as a tribute for a benefit my friends & I held […]

Tickled Pink: DOWN with Lady Gag Gag

Tweet AND I swear if they even think of casting her in this I will go Postal. What fantastic news to wake up to this is an article according to written by Margaret Hartmann…. YAY I wanna play the Black drummer Shana Elmsford… I LOVE JEM!!!! Oh my inner 12 year old is just […]

Between My Headphones: The Land of (fa la la la) LA I’m inspired

Tweet Ok so last night BLEW! Just one of the many pitfalls of being single in this new era of technology but I guess one of the cool parts of 2009 is that I can put on blast or praise someone via this blog. In my action packed weekend I spent a lot of time […]

SOUND BYTE: Worth Repeating Still On A Plane Waiting For The Dive.

Tweet I would like to once again thank Sean Lennon & his Friendly Fire album for getting me through this evening. I had a date cancel by text message tonight. I LOATHE TEXT MESSAGES!!!! They’re so impersonal & another trick people are using nowadays to feel connected to one another but without having to risk […]

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